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Hill Water Corp. understands how important, how precious, and how critical water is to daily life.

Hill serves over 3,000 member users in the Morgan County townships of Brown, Clay, Madison, and Monroe also provides water utility service to the southern residential and commercial/industrial area to the Town of Mooresville.

In a world where everything we touch frequently changes, water is our constant.  We’ve never stopped needing it to drink, to cook, to clean, to live. We’ll always need it for sanitation, for fire protection, for watering our lawns and washing our cars. 

It’s easy to take water for granted. And because so many do, we don’t.  We are experts at delivering high-quality water to our member users. 

We are also residents and employees in the community we serve. We understand how important, how precious, and how critical water is to daily life. It’s not always apparent just how far into our daily lives water reaches. We just know that when we need it, we expect it to be there.

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Hill Water Corp. protects the public’s health by ensuring that our drinking water meets or exceeds all state and federal health standards.

Our Water Quality

Our Water Quality

Water quality is an important issue for water utilities and its consumers. Water quality regulations are ever changing and, as a result of the Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments passed by the Environmental Protection Agency in 1996, they are becoming even more stringent.
Water Tips & FAQ's

Water Tips & FAQ's

Next to air, water is the most important element for the preservation of life. Water is a finite commodity which, if not managed properly, will result in shortages in the near future. Water conservation can go a long way to help alleviate these impending shortages. visit our tips & faq page to learn some useful info.

Hill Water Corporation is a member owned, NFP, cooperative water utility.

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